Welcome to Sunshine Riding School!

The nights are drawing in and the crisp evenings of moonlight and friendship are on the horizon.  Our Horses are looking forward to spending time with you and continuing to develop your love and skill of riding.  Our staff is ready to help you on your journey, so give us a call today.  Sunshine Days to Autumn Leaves are just a trot away!

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After School Lessons


The summer is now over and Autumn has begun.  This means that children and young people are back at school.  To help ease back into the educational flow, we do have our after school sessions which may leave your weekends free for study and other fun & games.   We are offering our classes this way:

Lead Reins:
  • Tuesday at 4:15
  • Wednesday at 4:15
  • Tuesday at 4:15
  • Wednesday at 4:15
Advanced Beginners:
  • Tuesday at 5:15
  • Thursday at 4:15
  • Wednesday at 5:15
  • Friday at 4:15
  • Thursday at 5:15
  • Friday at 5:15

As we have purchased a cover for the rubber ménage, our lessons will be undisturbed by the weather.  Wind and Rain will no longer be our enemy!  You will have to dress for the weather as there will not be heating.  Private lessons are available but will be in the Woodchip Dressage arena and will be subject to light and weather.

Scroll BreakWe LOVE our Adult Riders!

Riding is a wonder sport and (in my opinion) far more fun than the gym!  We do understand that work can drain you, leaving you too exhausted for a 9:30 lesson on Saturday morning.  With this in mind, we are now offering more evening lessons.  Our school is covered and has interior lighting, so a ride after work won’t be stopped due to darkness and weather.  So, please join us for one of the following:

Lead Reins & Beginners:
  • Tuesday at 6:30
  • Wednesday at 6:30
Advanced Beginners:
  • Thursday at 6:30
  • To join Teenage Intermediates
  • Friday at 5:15


Ok, I admit it: I’m tired.  Therefore, we are not having any shows in September.  Also with the crush of starting school or college and the usual madness that September brings, it would be best for everyone to have a break.  You could visit one of our local shows in places such as Offley or Caddington and cheer our Team Sunshine on.  We will be having our Autumn Showing Show on October 31.  This will be a fancy dress show, so start thinking of how you and your mount will be!  More details will follow!

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It is with a heavy heart….

We have always tried to be understanding about last minute cancellations here at Sunshine.  I, Kimberly, have children and know that they can get sick or injured at a moment’s notice.  However, recently there have been several people who have taken advantage of my good nature.  As you know, we have a limited class size.  This is not because we can’t go larger, but I won’t allow it for safety reasons.  Rider Safety is Top Priority here.  Therefore, people are being turned away from lessons and having  to book at a less desirable time for them. After doing this, I then have half a class not show up.  It’s not fair — to me, the horses and the other riders.  Therefore, I must now institute a blanket 24 Hour Notice for cancellations.  Any cancellations in this window will incur a £20 charge payable immediately on your debit or credit card. Refusal of payment will result in suspension of riding. We don’t take payment in advance but this policy can be reviewed at any time. I’m sorry if this upsets you, but we try to play fair here for everyone.

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About Us…

 The riding school has 2 ménages. field working facilities, and has direct access to several bridle-paths.

  • Horse riding operates 6 days a week, Tuesday to Sunday
  • Direct bridleway hacking for experienced riders.
  • We have a selection of group lessons, private lessons and hacks  throughout the week.
  • Jumping lessons and birthday rides by appointment.
  • After School horse riding and evening lessons are available.
  • Half day hacks and experience days available by appointment.
  • A full programme of half day and full day activities takes place every school holiday and half term.

We also sell riding vouchers on our Gift Vouchers Page – see Terms of Use for more details

Contact us about Horse Riding on

Tel:01582 505040


 Between 9.00am and 4.00pm