Welcome to Sunshine Riding School!

Summer at Sunshine

Here are the fun things to do when you want to play with the ponies!

Pony Playtime
Available August 11, 12, 18 & 22 at 11am
Kids Fun and Games
August 10 at 10am and August 18 at 1:30pm
Lets Get Showing
Available on August 12 and 19 at 9am. Programme costs £30.


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Sorry About The Pony Rides This Year

As many of you know, Kimberly had a very serious accident in early March which left her in hospital for nearly a month.  She is now home and the prognosis for her left leg is good, but she is still unable to walk on it. The doctors and hospital staff are hoping that she will be able to put weight on her foot in June and progress to assisted walking in July.

With this being our situation we are unfortunately unable to offer Pony Rides this summer as it is Kimberly who takes the ponies to all our venues.  We shall miss you greatly and do hope to see in next summer, 2017!

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The Saga of the Roof For The Ménage continues….  Good News!

We are going ahead with the roof this September.  This roof will be provided by Davis Structure of Oxfordshire.  This does mean that the first few weeks of September the yard will be closed to all lessons and rides. Although it will only take a week to construct, the horses will need a week to get over the disruption.  Having this will also mean that any construction on the Turnpike Estate behind us may have only limited affects.  How delightful it will be this winter to finally have what we truly need!

Should your son or daughter wish to spend more time with the horses by being a Handler, we have openings.  To be Handler, he or she must be 12 years old or older, attend a training day, have a good sense of humour and desire to help.  In exchange for their work, we will give them a free riding lesson after their 8th time.  They will learn basic horse care and stable management which will place them in good stead should they want to make horses their career.  Please enquire in the office.

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This might not seem important or necessary, but in fact it is one of the most vital skills in the equine world. Being able to lead 1 or 2 horses in walk and trot, open and close gates while holding a horse, controlling the animal from a ground position through a obstacle course is not just a competitive sport but a daily occurrence for horse people the world over.

Anyone who wishes to loan a horse during a school holiday needs to know this skill. So we are teaching it. Riders who are Novices and above must know this skill. So we are teaching it.  Pony Club, British Horse Society Levels, NVQ Levels 1 & 2 require and assess this ability. So we are teaching it.  Oaklands, Shuttleworth and Hadlow Colleges all require In-Hand training.  So we are teaching it.

We believe at Sunshine that riding lessons are more than just the work you or your child does on the horse’s back.  Riding lessons are about developing a complete understanding and skill base for handling horses.  It develops coordination and confidence.  It makes the time spent with the horse so much more full and enjoyable.  We aren’t making riders, we are making Horsemen and Horsewomen.

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After School Lessons

The summer is now over and Autumn has begun.  This means that children and young people are back at school.  To help ease back into the educational flow, we do have our after school sessions which may leave your weekends free for study and other fun & games.   We are offering our classes this way:

Lead Reins:
  • Tuesday at 4:15
  • Wednesday at 4:15
  • Thursday at 4:00
  • Tuesday at 4:30
  • Wednesday at 4:30
Advanced Beginners:
  • Tuesday at 5:15
  • Thursday at 4:45
  • Wednesday at 5:15
  • Friday at 4:15
  • Thursday at 5:15
  • Friday at 5:15

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Riding is a wonder sport and (in my opinion) far more fun than the gym!  We do understand that work can drain you, leaving you too exhausted for a 9:30 lesson on Saturday morning.  With this in mind, we are now offering more evening lessons.  Our school is covered and has interior lighting, so a ride after work won’t be stopped due to darkness and weather.  So, please join us for one of the following:

Lead Reins & Beginners:
  • Tuesday at 6:30
  • Wednesday at 6:30
Advanced Beginners:
  • Thursday at 6:30
  • To join Teenage Intermediates
  • Friday at 5:15

Private Lessons

  • Thursday at 6:30

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About Us…

 The riding school has 2 ménages. field working facilities, and has direct access to several bridle-paths.

  • Horse riding operates 6 days a week, Tuesday to Sunday
  • Direct bridleway hacking for experienced riders.
  • We have a selection of group lessons, private lessons and hacks  throughout the week.
  • Jumping lessons and birthday rides by appointment.
  • After School horse riding and evening lessons are available.
  • Half day hacks and experience days available by appointment.
  • A full programme of half day and full day activities takes place every school holiday and half term.

We also sell riding vouchers on our Gift Vouchers Page – see Terms of Use for more details

Sunshine Riding operates a blanket 24 Hour Notice for cancellations.  Any cancellations in this window will incur a £20 charge payable immediately on your debit or credit card. Refusal of payment will result in suspension of riding.

Contact us about Horse Riding on

Tel:01582 505040

 Between 9.00am and 4.00pm