Adult Gift Vouchers

Just like the kids only bigger…

Adult Gift Vouchers have the same Terms & Conditions as our Children’s Vouchers, with the exception that it is for people who have reached their 17th Birthday and beyond.  These vouchers are good for 120 days (4 months). Riders can be up to 19 Stone/ 120 kg. If you are heavier than that, please speak with your doctor regarding the safety of riding.

1 Hour Full Hack              £46.00

This is a ride for the more experienced rider who can walk, trot and canter confidently. We will spend an hour out on 1 of our several beautiful bridleways. Filled with fantastic views and lovely canter spots, it is an ideal ride to refresh the soul and blow away the cob-webs.

1 Hour Gentle Ride        £42.00

Not sure about a canter around the countryside? Then the 1 hour Gentle Ride is for you. A lovely meander around Warden and Galley Hills in walk and trot only with lovely views from the hills and in the woods. A wonderful ride for someone who hasn’t hacked out or hasn’t hacked out for a while.

The Day Experience         £120.00

This is a fun day of full on horse excitement.  It has a grooming session, a riding lesson and a pub ride.  It can be walk-trot or walk-trot-canter depending on the Rider’s experience and desires.  The grooming session and the lesson part comprise about an hour before you leave for pub. The pub ride part takes about 2 hours to the pub, a luncheon followed by a 90 minute ride back.  An ideal gift for someone who loves their riding!

Adult Beginner            £30.00

This is a 30 minute class of 4 riders maximum.  In this class, the rider will learn to walk a horse independently as well as trot a horse independently. There will be Handlers present to assist, but Sunshine’s Handlers have been trained to make sure the rider is doing all the work. They are there for safety and support.

A block of 5 Adult Beginner Lessons     £136.20

Adult Advanced Beginner          £38.00

This is a 1 Hour class of 4 riders maximum. In this class the rider will learn to canter independently, ride basic basic figures and shapes, ride poles and small jumps, and do basic dressage. Relaxed and fun, it is a great class for someone who wants to “brush up” after a time away from riding.

A block of 5 Adult Advanced Beginner     £173.00