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Summer Arrives At Sunshine

Welcome to Sunshine Riding School! We are happy that you have clicked through to us. We have a lot of fun and exciting programmes and activities to offer this year. We are always happy to have new riders join us no matter where they are on their equestrian journey. We have lessons scheduled for all ages and abilities. If you have any questions, please feel free to ring the office Tuesday to Sunday and we will be happy to answer your questions and book you in. Our number is 07868 018408 or 01582 505040 and our office is open from 9:30 – 5 Tuesday through Sunday.

Please be aware that all riders MUST wear boots, long trousers or leggings and a shirt that covers your shoulders and upper arms. We ask that the rider wear a short coat rather than a long one. Gloves are always the best choice especially in winter. This is for health and safety as well as complying with our insurance.  Sorry, but if you aren’t dressed properly, you will not be allowed to ride.

For our Frequently Asked Questions, please click here

Please be aware that Sunshine Riding School is VAT registered. If you require a VAT invoice, please ask for one.

The 2024 Show Season Is Here!

Welcome to the start of the 2024 Show Season at Sunshine Riding School.  We aim to offer quality shows that will help all riders, young and older, to achieve their riding dreams in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. We do have parking space available for anyone who would like to bring their best friend with them in our South Field, which also has water and a muck heap for your use.  If you wish to use a SRS horse for the show, please note that each animal will have a limit on what he or she is allowed to do and we will abide by that . All SRS horses are on a first come/first served basis.  We are also going to be changing our running order, so please pay attention to when you are to be riding as we will be starting our jumping classes at 50cm in the main ring at 10 and the smaller classes in our School Ring at noon. If you miss your appointed time to jump, ride your test, or show, then you will be disqualified from that Class. This may seem harsh, but it does mean that our day will flow better for everyone.  If you do have any questions, please do feel free to ask us. We will be expecting everyone to dress appropriately, and if you have problems, again please speak to us.  If you have a young rider or a Differently Abled rider and need support, we will be happy to offer and allow that. Riding is for everyone and that does include Sunshine’s Shows.  We wish every one the best of luck this Show Season. Please click the link below for further information.

Fun, Games & Show Season Starting

The Summer Holidays are just around the corner and we have lots to do for everyone. Pony Playtime for the youngest rider is always a hit. Groom & Rides are ideal for the older child rider and hacks are a great way for a whole family to spend time together. We will be having several Clinics with Fiona that always books fast, so contact us early to secure your child's place. Enjoy this holiday with a day (or 2) at the stables and learn lots about how to care for and keep a horse with our Stable Days, or for the more experienced rider, Own A Pony Days. Contact our office to book your place or click below to find more information on our programmes.

Dressage is as important as Jumping. Sunshine is thrilled to offer both. What you want to do with your riding is your choice.


Sunshine Riders compete both at home and away at major venues. We support everyone who has a dream.

In Hand Showing is every bit as challenging as a ridden show. Sunshine offers opportunties to develop this skill as well.

Let’s work together and create some beautiful riding!

Sunshine is happy to offer riding lessons to individuals who may be disadvantaged physically, emotionally or educationally. We truly believe that riding is for everyone!


School Opportunities For Everyone


If you are part of a school or are a Homeschooler and would like to include riding in your educational programme, please give us a ring! We would love to work with you. We have programmes available for every age and ability.

For Schools Programmes

For Homeschool Programme

Our Other Programmes

Birthday Parties

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Red Letter Days

Park & Hack

How To Find Us

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