Sunshine Riding School IS OPEN!!

It is so wonderful to say this!

As per the Government Guidelines for Coronavirus, Sunshine Riding School will reopened on 29 March 2021 for our riding programmes. Following the restrictions, we will now are offer group lessons, and those will be with a maximum of 5 riders (rather like we have always done!)

We can’t wait to see y’all!

Go Fund Me Update

I would like to thank everyone who donated to Save Sunshine Horses. I personally appreciate everything everyone did to raise awareness of the plight Sunshine was in. Some of y’all didn’t go through Go Fund Me, but made cash donations, bought feed and bedding, and hay for which we and the horses say thank you. I am/have shut our Go Fund Me because we have enough to make the end of March and pay all our bills from December, January and February. We will be having a Thank You Party at the yard as soon as the Government allows gatherings of that size — it looks like 21 June, so save the date? We will be sending you invitations. I personally feel amazed and bless by the love y’all have lavished on Sunshine, and I promise to do my best to make sure that Sunshine will be here for you, your family, your school and your needs for the extended future. I feel like Sunshine now belongs to our community. Thank you.


We are starting again on TUESDAY 13 APRIL & WEDNESDAY 14 APRIL. This will be a full programme. The Lead Reins and Beginners will be at 10am, and they will be studying basic horse care for Spring. Advanced Beginners and Novices at 11 will be studying Riding and Road Safety. We want to be able to Hack safely this spring knowing what are and are not the rules of the road. In all cases, you can expect the first 2 weeks to be a serious review of riding as you haven’t seen your horse for 3 months. Please book you place with Huw or Beowulf in The Office starting on TUESDAY 9 MARCH. Our number is 01582 505040. If you have emailed/PM’d us, we will be reaching out to you.


Our weekend lessons commence again on 11 & 12 April. We are very happy to continue to offer Private lessons for those of you who would prefer that type of teaching. Our schedule looks like this:

  • Lead Rein 9am or 1:30 pm (Adult and Child classes)
  • Beginner 930am or 215pm (Adult and Child Classes)
  • Adv Beginner 1015am or 3pm (Child only)
  • Adv Beginner 1200 noon (Adult only)
  • Intermediate 1100am
  • Novice 1215pm
  • Private Lessons will be available from 1030am
  • Hacking is available at 230pm for 1 hour

We are very happy to welcome our new riders to the Sunshine Family. Why don’t you join us and find out what a wonderful addition horses and riding can make in your life? Call the Office and have a chat with Val, Beowulf or Huw about how Sunshine can make your riding dreams come true. Our number is 01582 505040, our email is sunshineridingschool@gmail.com or you can PM on social media.

We have a Frequently Asked Questions page which could answer any further questions. Please click here to link to it.

May Half Term

Click anywhere on the image and it will link you to the information page.

We wish all our Muslim riders a very blessed season. If you don’t wish to ride during this time, please let us know so we can carry any vouchers over. Ramadan Mubarak!

We have a TeeSpring Shop!

Lockdown has caused us some financial crunches, so Sunshine has opened a TeeSpring Shop filled with t-shirts, jumpers, hoodies, cups and pillows which features our horses. These are quality products (I wear the Sunshine hoodie every day and I am not cold!) and they wash easily. If you would like something specific which is not in our shop, please let us know. Kimberly and Chris are happy to start designing you your ideal gift. We can be found by searching Sunshine Riding School at www.teespring.com . We thank you in advance for supporting Sunshine and our horses.

You can order this design today!

A Year of Memories and Dreams

What we got up to in 2020! Enjoy.

Horse Story — The Horses of Sunshine

It was thought that you may want to know more about the beautiful horses and ponies that live at Sunshine Riding School. We are often asked how they came to be here and what their lives are like. So this year we have embarked on a weekly series we call Horse Story. We will tell you the life experiences and arrival stories of all our horses one horse at a time. Each story will include pictures and videos of the horse or pony as well as some important and sound stable advice. We hope you will enjoy this series. If you have any suggestions of topics you would like us to cover, please let Kimberly know. In the meantime, happy reading!

The Video Page

We have also created a VIDEO page which has many of the videos of the various events we host each year. We welcome you to have a peruse of our activities. We would love to have you join us and this will give you a clear idea of what we do! Here’s our video for June’s 1st Birthday!

Sunshine’s Religious Beliefs Policy

Sunshine Riding School is an all inclusive school which does not discriminate regarding anyone’s religious beliefs. Sunshine does accept that each religion has its own doctrines and patterns of behaviour, and we will try to meet those requirements as best as we can. This being said, there may be occasions where we will not be able to meet your request for either health and safety or staffing reasons. All teachers at Sunshine have a DBS certificate as well as specific diversity training. We respect all people and their beliefs.

Sunshine Riding & Chris Cole Photography

Sunshine Riding is so proud to have the talents of Chris Cole Photography. Chris will be taking our official photos of the events at Sunshine. We do remind everyone that the photos are Chris’s copyrighted property and it isn’t allowed (or right) to just copy them. She is incredibly talented as you can see above — would you believe it was raining when she took this? If you would like a copy, either ask us in the Office and we’ll contact her or when she is on site at a show, ask for permission.

Warden Hill Riding  Club

Our Shows will return when it is both safe for horse, rider & spectator.

Easy to order and pay via PayPal. Click HERE for a quick link.

Our specific programmes…


Lessons have started fully again with the weekends beginning at 9am.  We are having to split our Novice Class into an Upper and Lower Group.  It is very exciting to have as many Novices as we have, but some are almost ready to go up to an Intermediate Class and some have just moved up.  The Upper Novices will be at 9am with Kimberly and the Lower Novices will be at 2:15 each Saturday & Sunday.


The work we are doing will prepare the riders for participating in Interdressage which will be filmed on the Sunday nearest to the 20th of the month. Interdressage is a British Dressage recognised internet competition where the tests are videoed and then set to Interdressage for judging. Like all competitions, you will receive comments and, if it all goes well, a rosette.  Kimberly has done these competitions previously and knows what is expected and what is required.  If you are interested in participating, please speak to Kimberly in the Office who will provide you with the appropriate Test.


The Jumping team will again be going out to Bury Farm on alternate Wednesdays for Clear Round Jumping of heights up to 95cm.  We are also looking at attending the local non-affiliated shows at Offley or Twin Trees in the late spring and early summer.  Our own special jumping shows, the June Jump and the Accumulator Cup will go ahead on the 3rd Sunday of July and July respectively.  Please speak to Fiona or Kimberly if you are interested in participating in any of these.


Often treated like the poor cousin of the equestrian world, both Ridden and In Hand Showing are a lot harder than one would think. We are looking for those of you who would like to try this discipline out and show either ridden or in hand. If you are interested, please let Fiona or Kimberly know.


Sunshine Riding offers our regular riders the opportunity to practice what they are working on in their lessons or to prepare for a show by offering After School and Early Evening Schooling Sessions. Unlike a lesson, there will be no teacher present to correct what you are doing, but you will have supervision.  These sessions last 1 hour and must be booked in the office at least 24 hours in advance.  Schooling is a great way to move forward and to get the most out of your lessons for both children and adults.

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Don’t forget our Shop when you are looking for that unique gift for your Equine Minded Friend.

Click Here for the link

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This might not seem important or necessary, but in fact it is one of the most vital skills in the equine world. Being able to lead 1 or 2 horses in walk and trot, open and close gates while holding a horse, controlling the animal from a ground position through a obstacle course is not just a competitive sport but a daily occurrence for horse people the world over.

Anyone who wishes to loan a horse during a school holiday needs to know this skill. So we are teaching it. Riders who are Novices and above must know this skill. So we are teaching it.  Pony Club, British Horse Society Levels, NVQ Levels 1 & 2 require and assess this ability. So we are teaching it.  Oaklands, Shuttleworth and Hadlow Colleges all require In-Hand training.  So we are teaching it.

We believe at Sunshine that riding lessons are more than just the work you or your child does on the horse’s back.  Riding lessons are about developing a complete understanding and skill base for handling horses.  It develops coordination and confidence.  It makes the time spent with the horse so much more full and enjoyable.  We aren’t making riders, we are making Horsemen and Horsewomen.

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Adult Volunteers

Sunshine Riding has an active and educational volunteering programme. Volunteers are important to us, so we respect what they have to offer us in the way of time, energy, and experience. In return, we will train them in horse care, horse handling and riding. Sunshine has stringent Workplace Health & Safety guidelines as well as a full Sickness Policy and Grievance Procedure. An Adult Volunteer who would like to work on the weekends or be part of weekday lessons must under take a DBS.

What is required of a Volunteer?

  • We ask that a Volunteer would be willing to work at least a ¾ Day; for example, 10am to 4pm.

  • We ask that a Volunteer chose at least 1 day a week to work. (We are closed on Monday)

  • We ask that a Volunteer agree to work that day(s) for a minimum of 6 weeks.

  • We ask that a Volunteer is neat and clean in appearance

  • We ask that a Volunteer is willing to follow the Staff Code of Conduct.

What can the Volunteer expect of Sunshine?

  • We will treat you with respect and help you as necessary.

  • We will teach you the basics of horse care: feeding & water, grooming, hoof care, stable care (mucking out), proper tying up, and spotting when a horse is unwell.

  • We will teach you the basics of horse handling: how to approach a horse and put on a head collar, how to lead a horse in and out of a field, how to walk with a horse, how to trot with a horse, how to handle a difficult horse.

  • We will help you to start riding or to continue to ride. This is an earned privilege and will granted after every 5th visit for the first 6 months. After that point, riding will be included as schooling not lessons. For more information about this, please speak with Kimberly.

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About Us…

Sunshine Riding School is licensed by Luton Borough Council acting under the powers conferred by the Riding Establishments Act 1964 and 1970.

 The riding school has 3 fenced ménages, field working facilities, and has direct access to several bridle-paths.

  • Horse riding operates 6 days a week, Tuesday to Sunday
  • Direct bridleway hacking for experienced riders.
  • We have a selection of group lessons, private lessons and hacks  throughout the week.
  • Jumping lessons and birthday rides by appointment.
  • After School horse riding and evening lessons are available.
  • Half day hacks and experience days available by appointment.
  • A full programme of half day and full day activities takes place every school holiday and half term.

Sunshine Riding operates a blanket 24 Hour Notice for cancellations.  Any cancellations in this window will incur a £20 charge payable immediately on your debit or credit card. Refusal of payment will result in suspension of riding.

Contact us about Horse Riding on

Tel:01582 505040

 Between 9.00am and 4.00pm

Tuesday – Sunday

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