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The Black Cat Show

On line registration available: Click Here

Arena Show Jumping

This show starts at 4pm with Clear Round Jumping followed by our lower Tiny Trots, 30cm, & 40cm in our Small arena. The first jumping class in the Main Arena will be 50cm starting at 4:30pm and the classes will run continuously there after.


We will be hosting Dressage in our Grass School. We will be doing the following Tests:

Intro — Pony Club D Level (2012), Prelim — Interdressage Starter 5 (2009) or BD 14 (2006) (2012), Novice — Pony Club C Level , Elementary — BD 40 (2010)

Working Hunter

We will be offering a Working Hunter course in our North Arena which will have natural looking jumps including hay bales, mangers, water traps and bush jumps in heights 40cm, 50cm, 60cm.

Attire & Safety

All Riders are expected to dress correctly and we reserve the right to not allow any inappropriately dressed Riders & Horses to enter.

All Riders must wear the appropriate safety clothing.  All hats must meet PAS 015 standard and be marked as such.  Random hat checks may occur.  All Riders under 18 years of age MUST wear a body protector and we strongly advise that all riders wear one no matter what age.  The body protector should fit properly.

The judges decision is final.  Any appeals to said decision must be made immediately to the Organiser.


Each Class is £10 except for Clear Round

Class 0 – Clear Round to be paid at the gate. £3 for one round; £5 for two.

Class 1 – Tiny Tots Mini: 5 jumps, can be lead over trotting poles and cavalettis

Class 2 – Introduction for Juniors: 7 jumps over 40cm cross poles

Class 3 – Standard for Juniors: 7 jumps over 50cm cross poles and uprights

Class 3a – Standard for Seniors

Class 4 – Lower Novice for Juniors: 8 Jumps over 60cm cross poles, upright and fillers

Class 4a – Lower Novice for Seniors

These classes to start in the Main Arena:

Class 5 – Upper Novice for Juniors: 8 Jumps over 70cm cross poles, uprights, fillers and spreads

Class 5a – Upper Novice for Seniors

Class 6 – Advanced for Juniors: 9 Jumps over 85cm uprights, fillers, spreads and Liverpool.

Class 6a – Advanced for Seniors


Class DR1 — Intro Walk & Trot

Class DR2 — Preliminary Walk Trot Learn to Canter

Class DR3 — Novice Walk, Trot & Canter

Class DR4 — Elementary Walk, Trot, Canter & Advanced Moves such as Counter Canter, Laterals, Flying Changes, Shoulder in/Out

Working Hunter

Class WH10 — 40cm

Class WH11 — 50cm

Class WH12 — 60cm

Appropriate Clothing

Attire for Arena Jumping

  • Class
    0, 1, 2, 2a, DR1
      — Jodhpurs or dark leggings but
    no jeans, white shirt, plain tie, plain coloured jumper, boots

  • Class
    3, 3a, DR2
    — Jodhpurs or dark leggings but no jeans, white shirt, plain tie,
    plain coloured jumper, boots.

  • Class
    5, 5a, DR3 & 4
    White or tan jodhpurs, white shirt, plain tie,
    black or navy jacket, long boots or boots with chaps, black or white

  • Class 6,
    6a, 7, DR4
    — White or tan jodhpurs, white shirt, cravat
    or plain tie both with pin, black or navy jacket, long boots or
    boots with chaps, white gloves.

Rules & Jump Faults

Classes 1 ………………………Jumps 1 – 5 In Order

Class 2 – 3 ……………………..Jumps 1 – 7 In Order

Class 4 – 5………………………..Jumps 1-8 In Order

Class 6 -7 ……………………….Jumps 1-9 In Order

All Clear Rounds will be followed by timed Jump Off immediately.

  • Dropped Fence……..4
  • Refused Fence ………4
  • Run Out ………………….4
  • Stopping At All ………4
  • Crossing Tracks* ….  4
  • Missed Fence …………8
  • 3 Refusals ………………Elimination
  • Falling Off ………………Elimination

*Judges discretion

 Ride & horse may retire from the course at any point.  Once a horse has retired, they may not
re-enter or re-try that class. There are no refunds should the combination retire.

First Aid will be on site.